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Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2019

Tam Hook Tam Pa – Isan memories on textiles

Experience agro-tourism, Isan culture, and the beauty of nature through “Tam Hook Tam Pa – Isan memory in textiles”, where the story of Pa Pawet is featured. Pa Pawet is a long fabric scroll that tells the story of all 13 chapters of Vessantara used in the 4th month traditional Isan event. The presentation of Pa Pawet, Boon Pawet event, and Tung (flag) will be held from the 7th December, 2019 to the 5th January, 2020.

The Farm’s five main attractions include:

Cosmos field and Artist in Farm

A lively cosmos field and colourful organic fruit and vegetable garden on over 50 rai of land where visitors may stroll through and admire the picturesque view from afar and close-up. Art Installation created by Pinaree Sanpitak and Mitr Jai-in before moving on to the next attraction of Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2019.

Pumpkin yard and colourful flower fields

Apart from the stunning views of Payaprab Mountain and Lam Samai Reservoir, a blooming sunflower field is also there to welcome visitors before moving on to the pumpkin yard, decorated with giant and golden pumpkins, where visitors may capture their golden moments closely. The elegant fabric-related artwork created by PO-D Architects and Mitr Jai-In are also displayed among the gorgeous flower fields in the surrounding areas.

Isan Village

Used as scenes for filming many dramas, Isan Village may be familiar to many visitors. Explore and experience the Northeastern way of life, cultures, and traditions, as well as this year’s showcase of fabrics with fabric market, demonstrations, silk dying and weaving activities where visitors may participate in. Another highlight is the presentation of the ancient Pa Pawet and Boon Pawet event held inside the pavilion of Isan Village, in the midst of a pleasant and natural atmosphere. Enjoy the show under the fabric-related concept and taste the flavourful Isan cuisines before moving on to the next attraction with our shuttles or boats.

Weaving Village

After a delicious meal and sumptuous experience, visitors will delight in learning about Jim Thompson’s unique silk production processes, such as, silk thread reeling, dying techniques with natural colours, silk weaving, and silk printing where visitors may participate in any of these activities.

Jim’s Market 

Discover a vast variety of mouthwatering food and local souvenirs, including all kinds of pumpkins, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits, Jim Thompson Farm’s premium processed products, as well as loincloths, silk, and cotton goods. Visitors may also taste the tempting Jim Thompson Farm’s exclusive dishes before heading home.

Isan Village 

Recognizing the importance of preserving Isan people’s cultures and architecture and preventing them from fading away with time, Jim Thompson Farm constructed the “Isan Village” in 2007 on over 10 rai of land. The Farm gathered traditional houses, native craftsmen, materials, and equipment for living of traditional Isan people in order to store them sustainably and display the valuable Northeastern architecture, cultures, and traditions which have become rare to find. The Village consists of many areas, for instance, Korat Village, a collection of many houses of Korat style with Ruen Nang Peu as the oldest, aged over 160 years and in perfect condition. In 2005, Ruen Nang Peu received the Architectural Conservation Award from the Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King. There are also Huen Tai-Yuan Sikhiu, local religious constructions, temporary buildings, duck house, chicken house, operational ancient wood rice mill for organic rice grown within the Farm, buffalo house for fast-growing Boonlai family (buffaloes), and many more activities for visitors to learn and experience.


Extensive experience, knowledge, farmers’ attentiveness, and Jim Thompson Farm’s agricultural technology have resulted in an array of beautiful fruits and vegetables grown on the Farm’s over 600 rai of land and on over neighbouring 3,000 rai of land. Jim Thompson Farm aims to deliver quality natural products for visitors to purchase as souvenirs for their loved ones.