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Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2020

“Blooming Flowers, Lively Isan (Isan Muan Suen)”

Isan Flowers Fest

This year, Jim Thompson Farm is opening our farms for farm tour from 5th December 2020 until 3rd January 2021 under the theme of “Isan Flowers Fest”. The tour invites those interested to travel to the farm at the end of the year when the climate will be cool and refreshing after a difficult year. This is for everyone to receive positive energy from the field of flowers, covering the area of more than 600 rais. The farm also provides nine check-in spots for photography with the positive meaning behind the names. Visitors can relax and relieve all the pains and sorrows in order to start the New Year full of energy. This is done by incorporating the word “Jai” (heart), cherished greatly by Isan people, into the names of the nine check-in spots, all with auspicious meanings, for unique photographic experiences. This will help strengthen and uplift the spirit of all our visitors.

Nine recommended check-in spots for positive energy and uplift your spirit for the upcoming year throughout the flower fields and farm:

Check-in spot No. 1: Mirror Memory Looking into your eyes through the mirror which will allow you to see yourself in different aspects in the midst of the blossoming fields of flowers of Jim Thompson Farm under the expansive universe with plays on dimensions and your identity. This is for you to refresh your past memory to be ready to propel into the future.

Check-in spot 2: Reun Reung Jai Café (Nern Nom Sao) Take a break and relax in the floral garden cafe at “Reun Reung Jai Café” (Joyful Heart Café) decorated in chic contemporary Isan style. The café invites you to sit and relax as well as admire the artworks of the artist, Pinnaree Sanpitak.

Check-in spot 3: Shine Bright Like the Sun (Sunflower Field) Be amazed and stroll in the extensive yellow sunflower fields. Receive positive energy from the sun during winter time to brighten up your heart, as bright as the sun.

Check-in spot 4: Piles of Gold (Pumpkin Patch) People will not be considered having visited Jim Thompson Farm until they experience the pumpkin patch!! The yard which has become the farm’s landmark is full of glittering golden pumpkins. This year’s concept of the yard is “Piles of Gold” to welcome the prosperity and peace of mind in the coming year.

Check-in spot 5: Yen Jai Loi Lalong (Relaxed Floating and Lotus Pond Boat) Experiencing the cooling breeze and relaxed at the vast lotus pond with rowing boats filled with dazzling flowers for you to take a photo or sit and let your mind wander with the lotus flowers.

Check-in spot 6: Everyday Joyful Greeting (Seven-Color Flower Yard) Enjoy the seven-color flower yard under the theme of “Good Morning Monday” that you can take photos to make the daily greeting photos to be sent through Line application to relatives and friends every day.

Check-in spot 7: Sukjai Sanctuary (Stained Glass Sanctuary) Visit Sukjai Sanctuary to unburden the difficulties and challenges everyone has faced since the beginning of 2020. The spot invites everyone to relieve all the pains, sorrows, and worries and write your wishes on sheets of stained glass to be hung in the temple to pray for only good things to come in the upcoming year.

Check-in spot 8: Kwan Yeun Sampan (Isan village) Have a break and fill your stomach with the Isan local food where the entire family can check-in and relax. Kids, in particular, can enjoy the Isan-style “Kids’ Zone” while receiving longevity energy from the priced old Isan houses at Isan Village. The village houses a cluster of old Isan houses that exhibit the simplicity and beauty of vernacular architecture, culture, and tradition including the lifestyle of Isan people, which is difficult to experience in modern days.

Check-in spot no.9: Isan Samai & Bar (Secret bar in the middle of Isan Village) End the evening with “Isan Samai & Bar” to soak up the last rays of sun and welcome the glittering starlight. Enjoy the cool Isan-style drink with traditional folksongs played on old-school record player in the background.